III International Conference "Gas-discharge plasma and synthesis of nanostructures"
Russia, Kazan, KNRTU-KAI December 1-4, 2022
About the conference

The conference will be held from December 1 to December 4, 2022 in Kazan

The purpose of the conference is to discuss fundamental and applied problems of gas-discharge plasma physics and nanostructure synthesis.

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The following themes will be presented at the conference:
• Physics of gas discharges.
• Plasma nanotechnology and synthesis of nanostructures.
• Modeling of processes in gas-discharge plasma.
• Modeling of the physical properties of nanostructures.
• Imperfect and dusty plasma.
• Physico-chemical processes in gas, plasma and gas discharges.
• Interaction of plasma with matter.
• Laser micro and nanotechnology.
• Plasma chemistry.
• Plasmodynamics.
For the performance of each
A three-day program and a huge
amount of information
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of guests
The conference will be held in night
and online formats
using Zoom and Youtube
Organizing Committee
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference:
Boris Akhunovich Timerkaev - Corresponding Member Tatarstan Academy of science, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, KNRTU-KAI

Deputy Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee:
Ilnaz Izailovich Fairushin - Ph.D., Kazan Federal University, JIHT RAS

Scientific secretary of the conference organizing committee:
Artem Olegovich Sofronitsky - Ph.D., KNRTU-KAI

Full list of organizing committee members: View.

The conference is organized with the support of:
• Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
• Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan;
• Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan;
• Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev-KAI;
• Kazan Federal University.
By the beginning of the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of its materials in the system RSCI
Conference venue:
Kazan, Chetaeva str., 18a (KNRTU-KAI)

Postal address:
420111, Kazan, K. Marx str., 10

Contact person:
Artem Olegovich Sofronitsky, Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee

E-mail of the organizing committee of the conference: conference@gdp-nano.com
Support of the site: help@gdp-nano.com
Selected papers will be recommended for publication in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (included in the Scopus databases). The selection will be carried out during the conference by the members of the organizing committee.
Main dates:
• Sending the first notification
• Sending out a second notification
• Start of registration of participants on the website
(reception of materials of reports)
• End of registration of participants
(end of acceptance of materials of reports)
• Notification of acceptance of reports
• Formation of a detailed conference program
• Arrival, accommodation and registration of participants
• Registration of participants, opening of the conference
• Closing of the conference
• Kazan city Tour
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